Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills, authors of If These Stones Could Talk, sat down recently with James T. Peeples, host of The Infinitely Focused Podcast, to talk about their work. Buck and Mills will be launching their own podcast continuing their quest to lift up the unsung history of their community. Listen out for their podcast in January 2022 entitled, “Lifting the Veil,” which will focus on truths, lies, and misunderstandings about the African American narrative.

“Talking About the Stones,” December 2, 2021. The Infinitely Focused Podcast, hosted by James T. Peeples, is dedicated to encouraging people to develop their highest goals. In this episode, Peeples’ speaks with Friday Truehart Consultants Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills about the history and mystery of researching the past as well as what they have planned for the future.