Even though I knew some things about “If These Stones Could Talk” before I read it, I never realized how wonderful the book really would be. I enjoyed the great writing style and voice, as well as learning more about this history. Even though there is much that is is difficult to face, the authors have couched it in the context of a desire to tell the truth and to celebrate the amazing individuals and communities who created this history. It is an amazing accomplishment! I am blessed to know Beverly and Elaine, and to be a small part of spreading the true story about African American history in this place. 

Caroline Katmann, Executive Director, Sourland Conservancy

I just finished reading “If These Stones Could Talk.” This work of art, remembrance and history is fabulous. I was stunned to know how little I knew about central New Jersey and its Afro-American history. I learned so much about slavery, segregation, land ownership, loss, injustice, survival, adaptation, and love. I was amazed at the stories of the men who had served in the Revolutionary, Civil, Spanish and World Wars.  I LOVED reading about what life was like for the authors growing up: what they ate for holidays, where they went for fun, and the extended family biographies. There aren’t enough words to applaud this achievement, for bringing history to life, and literally creating a concrete legacy that will live on.

Debbie Hobler